We Fought the Law and…We Won? | David Heldreth Jr. of Panacea Plant Sciences on Protecting Psychedelics for Research | ILC #10

Recently the DEA announced their intention to reschedule 5 lesser known promising psychedelic compounds with no apparent reason. Led by biotechnology company Panacea Plant Sciences and friends, the natural products research community pushed back against the DEA, ultimately taking them to court. And to most of the community’s surprise, this effort proved successful. In this conversation we sit down with David Heldreth, Jr. of Panacea Plant Sciences to get his perspective on this story while reflecting on the absurdity of having to fight to protect access to natural compounds for research. Isn’t life curious?

Learn more about Panacea Plant Sciences: https://panaceaplantsciences.net/

The DEA’s original proposed rule to schedule 5 psychedelics: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2022/01/14/2022-00713/schedules-of-controlled-substances-placement-of-4-hydroxy-nn