Mark Shepard Uses Restoration Agriculture to Radically Transform Farms for Permaculture | #06

Today we join farmer and permaculturist Mark Shepard to discuss practical solutions to surviving and thriving on planet Earth. Mark is the CEO of Forest Agriculture Enterprises LLC, founder of Restoration Agriculture Development LLC and award-winning author of the book, Restoration Agriculture: Real-World Permaculture for Farmers. Mark has also been a farmer member of the Organic Valley cooperative, the worlds largest Organic Farmer’s marketing co-op, since 1995. He is most widely known as the founder of New Forest Farm, the 106-acre perennial agricultural savanna considered by many to be one of the most ambitious sustainable agriculture projects in the United States.

Throughout our conversation we talk about Mark’s journey to build New Forest Farm, lessons he has learned along the way, practical challenges to implementing permaculture and restorative agriculture techniques at scale, his experience studying permaculture under Bill Mollison, what modern permaculturists often misunderstand about implementing successful permaculture systems, and much more!

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