Psilera Bioscience is Revolutionizing Mental Healthcare with Psychedelics | Ep. #04

In this episode of Isn’t Life Curious? we continue our exploration of psychedelics that we began with Rick Doblin PhD. This time we sit down with two natural products researchers, Chris Witowski PhD and Jacqueline Salm PhD, of Psilera Bioscience, who hope to revolutionize mental health treatment with nature’s mind manifesting molecules – psychedelics.

In our conversation we talk about Psilera’s work developing new methods of delivering psychedelics to patients as well as the development of new therapeutic psychedelics that have not yet been explored. We discuss the ways in which psychedelics may impact mental health treatment in the near future, how common psychedelics affect the body and brain, and what we can expect from the future of psychedelic research in general. We also dive a bit into the philosophical as we explore the nature of consciousness, what it means to be a “psychedelic” and much more!

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Stay curious, and take it easy!