Rick Doblin PhD is Serious About Psychedelics | #02

In this episode we are joined by Rick Doblin, PhD – the founder of MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. We discuss Rick’s past and the series of events that opened his mind to the potential of psychedelics, why he is so passionate about ensuring that psychedelics are well-studied and available for therapeutic and religious use, common misconceptions about psychedelics, separating fact from fiction regarding the potential risks of psychedelics, and much more. This is the beginning of our “Serious About Psychedelics” mini-series that will be running throughout the show that will be exploring the science and cultural impacts of these “mind manifesting” molecules and what we can learn from them regarding human psychology, mental health, and consciousness itself.

You can learn more about MAPS at https://www.maps.org

Enjoy! Stay curious, and take it easy!